I bring all si-i-x. Golden Wonder — real Jungle Fresh…. But smart old Blue he took the Milky Way. — Five biscuits — six biscuits — biscuits galore! New Marathon! It’s amazing what raisins can do! [The first ever advert for these Wagon Wheels are a treat for me (Wagon Wheels) Raspberry, lemon and lime. Simon: How odd: I thought that chocolate was just chocolate. End of jingle::Call it Wrigley’s, call it spearmint, call it gum. Red ones, yellow ones, colours galore, When you feel a little p-peckish Voiceover: Cadbury’s Chocolate Buttons – sixpence! My brother and my friends are very bright, Mr Ghost Train driver. Two adverts (1) Launderette (starring Sheila Bernette); People go wild… First launched in the 1970s, the retro snack tastes of rum and raisin with the classic dark cocoa of Bournville chocolate. [Series showing girls eating a Flake in exotic settings, e.g. [With a young Dennis Waterman. (2) Barber’s Shop (starring Andrew Sachs). Cadbury’s take them and they cover them in chocolate! Friend: Chocolates, with a figure like yours to take care of? Cadbury’s Flake — and nothing else matters. Peanuts! Chocolate bar with the fruit surprise. Marzipan and a chocolate ice, All my pals love fruit gums, Mum, … Cadbury has announced it’s bringing back a favourite from days of yore – the Old Jamaica bar. Juicy fruit chewing gum. Four times the flavour, four times the chew. Don’t forget my fruit gums, Mum, Everyone’s a Fruit and Nut case Mivvi/Orange Maid//choc ices/Neapolitan, © Stephanie Jenkins & Joan Williams Jelly, sugar, real fruit fla-a-vours, Have you seen her? I want a Cabana and I want one now! Toblerone, I don’t want to dress up, I dont want to dine, They’re Rowntree’s! A chewing gum ever had Answers. Hoots mon, there’s juice loose aboot this hoose. They’re the biggest biscuit (Too early for television advertising? Salt, and vinegar, salt, and vinegar, Later changed to “Don’t forget the fruit gums, chum” to stop mums from being coerced]. “Like a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do, man!”, Voice-over: No three things are quite as good together as a … For the coolest taste Toffee Crisp at sixpence a bar. All of the sparkle, all of the flair Who knows the secret of the Black Magic box? A Bar-bar-bar, bar-bar-a Club, You’ll have buttons to lend, From Italy Five fruity flavours You know, it’s funny the things Sounds a bit silly I suppose — it’s not to me! But when the pie was opened, I’m looking for some peanuts, What the world needs now is love sweet love, Shopkeeper: Yes, only Rowntree’s know how to get the best out of fruit — For when I swing she gives me some More flavour than the common mint. Deliciously satisfying! That’s what Bassett’s Jelly Babies are made of! Nestle’s took over Rowntree Mackintosh in 1988. And my mum makes it fun to do, Bar-bar-bar, bar-bar-a Club, Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate Old Jamaica Rum N Raisin 180g . Uh-oh! Tudor: the crisp that’s really worth its salt. Just one Cornetto A third advertisement with the same characters ended with the line: [Tune: “Day-O! I dream of caramel, Lovell’s Milky Lunch is lov-er-ly! When you’ve got your feet up The too good to hurry mints. Please enter your email to send a forgotten password. Or crunch them very fast? Things I may never possess, Crispy Hula Hoops, Fourteen … that you’ll love to eat, Younger folk and grown ups too, Get jungle fresh! [A boy wins his race at a school sports day, and his proud And don’t forget a hazelnut in every bite. The flavour lingers longer and longer, Chocolate and Chew, The disheartened losers are given fruit gums, and one by one they to give you a long luxuriant taste of the East. 3: Fills the old tum you know! With Cadbury’s Milk Tray. Delicious ice cream father has a flashback of Roger Bannister completing the first four-minute mile. The tubes were priced 3d and the boxes 1/-]. Take a biscuit that’s no bigger than a button, And strawberry dream, “I am Stan, I am a fan Don’t know if it’s still out there? Bring me home some fruit gums, Mum, “Strawberry?”, The boy correctly picks them all and the sheriff says, “Are you after my job?”, and the little boy spins round in his chair and says, "Yup!”. The longest lasting fruit gums in the world. nourishes you while you relax, keeps you going while you play. Come, mister tally-man, tally me Cabana, When my woman treats me right, nuts are so nutritious Try them soon. Hands off my Curly Wurly! Jelly Tots — your favourite sweet, Neighbour: Do you think it’s all right to leave George there on his own? Voiceover: Why have cotton when you can have silk? Good, rich and thick, a milk chocolate brick Judy: Well, once you’ve seen one balloon, you’ve seen them all! Made to make your mouth water, Cadbury’s — Fruit and Nut. Leave the oysters in their bed, Henry McGee sticks his head out of the back of the train, and sing-speaks: Voiceover: What’s got a hazelnut in every bite? Right, confess! Add to Cart. Pascall Murray super sweets, Texan Cowboy: Someone should have told them a Texan takes time a’chewin’. Fry’s Chocolate Cream — make the moment last. When you’ve got your feet up, They look like chips, don’t they? KP nuts are fresh and tasty — in the bag, that’s why you get the real fruit taste in Rowntree’s pastilles. … chocolate treat? old jamaica ginger beer. Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum keeps you buzzin’ along — ( Henry:Crispy ! Crispy Hula Hoops, Everyone’s a Fruit and Nut case Not one, not two, but three things in it! For just the dreamiest sweet of all. The Ice Breaker bar had a shiny, light blue wrapper and a white lightning-type zig zag across the front. (Five people in street — each holding a Marathon bar), 1: Marathon is marvellous! Without Yorkie to help me along. I’m dancing at this party, Monsters, Laughs, and Furry Friends, We’ll talk to Melvin Monkey today, There’s more to enjoy in Cadbury’s Roses. They’re KP Discos, the bridge has gone, poor old Red can’t carry on! What a good idea …. Gimme Mint Cracknel and I don’t care The Milky Bar Kid only eats what’s right, Tell the casino that I’ll miss the next game, One chunk (one chunk) leads to another. It’s the bumper bargain, chocolate-flavoured, coated wafer, crispy biscuit Smiths are your flavour-ite crisps! Sung to the tune of the reggae hit “Monkey Spanner”. Snap! Tastes like chocolate never tasted before. Yes the best are the sweets made by Pascalls. (She spots a tube of Rowntree’s pastilles on the mantelshelf, next to a i remember when i was young eating Ice Breaker, the kids around told me that ... if you sucked the chocolate then your tongue would stick to it, .. so i always ate it very quickly hahaha!! Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum. Advert depicting a boy who had a spider called Sammy in a matchbox: he was proposing to celebrate “Sammy's Coming Out Party” and to scare a girl with the spider. And I’m delighted to eat United.”, “We are the fellas, See a Jacob’s Club…. Bridge that gap, We got plenty of fruit gums, Five girls want Five Boys and will have no other. Voiceover: Now you can enjoy new Pacers — wait till you taste that fresh chewy spearmint. You can stand it with Bandit — Buy some buttons, jolly, jolly buttons, It keeps you going when you toss the caber, Voiceover It may look like a chocolate snack, but when you bite it, you'll know why it's called … the Refresher. Soon as that thick Cadbury’s milk chocolate melts with that dreamy caramel — you just have to take things really easy! When they’ve gone off the bite at the Angling Club, It has this yielding velvety texture to it which can only be described as “indescribable”. A man’s gotta chew what a man’s gotta chew…. To judiciously be chewing. And there’s 20, 30, 40, or more, It was launched in 1970 and was a blend of milk and dark chocolate flavoured with rum and raisins. Murray Mints, Murray Mints, I used to love Ice Breaker, my aunt would always buy me one for when she collected me from infant school. The sweet you can eat between meals without spoiling your appetite. picture of hubby). recently when I found it on sale again, less than 5 years ago. Golden Wonder — they’re Jungle Fresh… Chocolate … biscuit … toffee. — TOPIC Give a nut a nut…. Sugar and milk, you’re bound to fall Why don’t you stop what you’re doing and come with me Real fruit flavour — NEW FROM FRY’s! Crazy for those Cadbury’s nuts and raisins, old jamaica ginger beer. But not so for his somewhat smaller friends! Bar-a-Club, bar-bar,bar-bar-a Club, One biscuit — two biscuits — three biscuits — four Sing a song of sixpence, Bite it and believe it! “My mummy says I should realize P-p-p-pick up a Penguin! New extra flavour — MARATHON! All Red wants to do is stuff his face. Hula Hoops, Hula Hoops, Hula Hoops, It’s you they’re for, If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our club. My mum’s my favourite swinging chum, It’ll chase those blues away! Jolly full of jelly, Thick chocolate to excite, thick biscuit to bite, Hey! Truly Super Duper, Chew Chew Maltesers — it’s the honeycomb middle that weighs so little. I beg you darlingOpen thee door. Toffee Crisp and you’ll go far. Tr-i-i-o! Fancy a coconut? Cadbury has announced it is reviving its classic Bournville Old Jamaica chocolate bar after a Facebook petition called for the bar's revival. I’ve got my Number Ones! CADBURY is bringing back its Bournville Old Jamaica chocolate bar this month. Look out! What a joy to eat up, (“TRI-I-I-I-O”). It’s Lee’s for luscious macaroon bars! No three things are quite as good together as the three things in Trio! All those miles of chewy toffee covered in creamy Cadbury’s chocolate will keep them quiet. Put those pastilles down, No not just for some but for everyone. Isn’t it nice to know … The hint of mint in Murray Mints? They’ve found a club Do you suck them very slowly? $1.00. But there’s none about. Neighbour: But aren’t you afraid he might find your chocolate orange?! Made with triangular almonds Nestle’s Milky Bar. (Lyrics by Mike Isaacson / music by Mike Batt). Ice Breaker was a dark chocolate bar created by Cadbury with mint pieces in it. In this advert there is a little boy in his bedroom eating the fingers as a celebration for "Harry the Spiders Coming-out party". They came in search of paradise. Farmer (in potato field): These potatoes are for the crisp makers! Texan Cowboy: Bite through the chocolate and chew. He’s looking for a chocolate treat – fluffy and light Nothing tastes nicer — you tell ’em, Cilla! Men! Some people find that most quick snacks are a little too quick — You’ll go a long way!! Lovells Milky Lunch is lov-er-ly That if we were Smi-ths crisps, if we were Smi-iths crisps, Add to Wish List Add to Compare Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate Old Jamaica Rum N Raisin 300g . Voiceover: Texan – it sure is a mighty chew! It’s the nuts and raisins! That monkeys all need exercise, They’re all the same … untidy, lazy … especially when it comes to doing The carriage door opens…]. From the fabulous east …………, Coconut, caramel, cherries and milk chocolate, Breads/Spreads/ This is Cadbury Land! Looks like somebody else could do with some! Almost anything you do, Bounty brings you tender coconut. because glucose and sugar, milk and chocolate are all in Mars! Wilkinson’s – with liquorice inside them. When a fellow isn’t feeling very strong The Milky Bar Kid just can’t go wrong, Lovell’s Milky Lunch is lov-er-ly, lov-er-ly Just one Cornetto … from Walls ice cream. I like a man who likes me enough to buy me Cadbury’s Contrast. Marathon is marvellous (Record deal: a dreadful looking group is singing dreadfully). That old black magic that you weave so well …. Meltis New Berry Fruits with lovely fruit liqueur centres! Kraft took over Terry’s in 1993, and Cadbury in 2010. 2,573 likes. Who knows what awesome things they become! Take some raisins that were lazing in the sun, You get them in a Nutty bar! It’s the four-minute smile. Thruppence buys a tube of fruit gums, Don’t you wish that you had for yourself, Treat yourself to Murray Mints — The too good to hurry mints. Why make haste when you can taste, Cadbury’s Old Jamaica chocolate . Four refreshing fruit flavours, Man at tailor’s being measured for a suit. Thick milk chocolate for your delight, Oh, Chipsticks. And all because the lady loves Milk Tray! I’ve seen them on TV. Arthur Lowe sitting on a park bench beside a girl: And you’ll hear this muffled appeal: Trebor. But little Judy never never could But teeth need exercising too Candy Tots — made to eat, The following newspaper/magazine advert dates from 1902). I tried to do this myself a few times and was miffed when it wouldn't break into a neat zig zag. Make the day, Dainty Toffee . Taxi, when you’re feeling snack-si, Scene: A railway platform. The Milky Bar Kid is tough and strong, Bite through that chocolate …and chew … real slow. The cool refreshing feeling of Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum Chip Chip Chip Chipitos, Liberate a lolly from the Counties cooler today! A man is saying ’bye to his lady friend through the train window. Teddy Boy (taking oath): … nothing but the truth. Murray Mints, Murray Mints, New Marathon! break into huge smiles]. Fine fruit flavour, what a treat, A Topic munching, cartoon character named Toby (voice = Bill Oddie) is asked a few very simple general knowledge questions (voiceover = Graham Garden?) When you eat your Smarties She buys me Blue Riband wafer biscuits, crisp and light, With Cadbury’s Snack! Do yourself a favour — have a Medley! It really is a must for morris dancers I just love those fruit gums, Mum, Get that Friday feeling any day of the week! Get jungle fresh, Bridge that gap We both like Wrigley’s spearmint gum.”. Can you you boys come back next week? Cadbury’s Buttons — dairy milk chocolate for beginners! As far as I can tell, the difference is that Ice Breakers had a mix of dark and milk chocolate, Mint Crisp are just milk chocolate, but not too sweet. (Pause) Me myself at home sweet home, Smack your chops, lick your lips, into a sweet shop while singing. Cadbury £1 Priced Marked Single Chocolate Bar 100g (Bourneville Old Jamaica) 4.8 out of 5 stars 17. Very similar to the infamous Ice Breaker (Heart Breaker, when it disappeared!). Man puts diamond earrings in one space in a box of Reward chocolates ready for his girlfriend. Haven’t you heard of Cadbury’s Caramel? I’m not so sure! Voiceover: Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles with the tingle tongue taste — just a thought! Wilkinson’s – have you ever tried them? There’s always fun at the Wrigley zoo It helps to keep teeth clean and bright I want a Trio and I want one now! Get on board with the Double Deckers! When you talk to the animals they talk back. A finger of fudge is just enough to give the kids a treat. It’s bigger, so delicious, chocolate flavour through and through, Pastille pickin’ mama, Fold upon fold of creamy milk chocolate. Get on board, get on board, They’re Discos, They’re Discos, Fry’s Turkish Delight, Fry’s Turkish Delight, Banjo, the banjo Award yourself the CDM! Tri-i-i-o, Tri-i-i-i-o, I want a Trio and I want one now! trakcab | 12:59 Sun 14th Jun 2009 ... Who is the bloke ? Cadbury’s Picnic has so many nutty bits it won’t stand up on its end! Callard & Bowser toffees . Lovells are lovely, lovely, lovely, Chorus: Old Jamaica was a special blend of milk and plain chocolate with rum flavoured raisins. From triangular bees, That’s Milky Bar, it’s sweet and white, 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,246 $19.99 $ 19 . First bite into real milk chocolate, 5—4—3—2—1 It’s full of Cadbury goodness, and very small and neat, I Inside that delicious coating of milk chocolate is a light, crisp, honeycomb centre. Comes this wonderful feast Lion: Jacob’s Club … oh-oh … all that thick chocolate drives me wild! Cadbury’s 99 Flake! Refreshes your breath, naturally Wrigley’s Double Mint! Crunchy shortcake biscuit topped with caramel, Girl: Oh, all right, I’ll try anything once (eats a Chipstick). More, if you please, Aid Big Cake to make his break, Aah, good thing he remembered: Black Magic. Dark chocolate – and rum and raisin – lovers rejoice. What a joy to eat up, [launched in Tyne Tees and Yorkshire areas in Sep.1971, withdrawn var sc_invisible=0; Roses grow on you. Fry’s Five Centres Everybody knows a Texan takes time to chew. Pass those pastilles round! And Wrigley Spearmint is fun to chew, Simon: Absolutely extraordinary. Check this out! Put a Tic Tac in your mouth and get a bang out of life! That in small hands they’re nice to eat, It makes one feel more vital I remember the advert where this Ice Breaker bar was snapped in two across the zig zag. ), [Frank Muir; Tune: Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the reed flutes”]. Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum really keeps you buzzin’ Yorkie’s the shape that real milk chocolate ought to be … NEW FROM FRY’s! Bang the drum and a great big gun, And the mum who buys them understands Dairy Box milk chocolates — for everyone. The red car and the blue car had a race Cadbury Crunchie Cadbury Chocolate Chocolate Sweets Chocolate Bars Old Sweets Vintage Sweets Retro Sweets Sweet Wrappers British Sweets 70s and 80s TV Adverts for Chocolate Bars at simplyeighties.com Video clips of old tv ads for chocolate bars at simplyeighties.com - a finger of fudge, Milky Way, Topic, Cadburys Caramel, Yorkie and many more. You see Mars gives you energy while you work, Blue Bird – Blue Bird – Blue Bird Liquorice Rolls. It was the first thing you ever gave me! Free delivery for many products! So just do what you have to do, Gimme Mint Cracknel and I don’t care … Each a different island in a chocolate sea. Milk chocolate bars from Cadbury’s, snappy, snappy taste” to the bewildered kiosk lady; cue a schoolboy swiftly into view “Butter Snap, please, thanks!” and out again, and the chap remembers too late as the kiosk lady pulls down the shutter. A finger of Fudge is just enough to give the kids a treat, You’ll love the chocs in Dairy Box The Refresher: Let's get away on a sunny day: the Refresher. Every sip is as refreshing and crisp as it is unique and original. There’s … spice, Well, you couldn’t have a biscuit that’s as chocolatey as Club, That good smooth chewing, that crisp clean taste — The one where Monster Munch grows on trees — You can eat it in the street, in the office — anywhere! The ultimate chocolate experience. for champagne, One tree for Saucy flavour, Doublemint doubles delight as you chew. You can’t resist White Heather, Eat a lovely bag of Chipsticks. sure to ask for Rowntree’s pastilles! (Advert with fleet of chauffeur-driven cars, world-leaders in back seats, Out on its own, You do a little better when you chew Rowntree’s Tots — please yourself! Enjoy it while it’s helping you. new KP Good ’n’ Crunchy crisps! For bathing and ballooning it’s essential A glass and a half of full-cream milk in every half pound. It’s got two kinds of chocolate (and caramel too!) Just anticipating Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Cadbury Old Jamaica Rum and Raisin Chocolate Bar 200g at the best online prices at eBay! Yum, yum, yum, Nuts, nuts — lots of nuts! Daughter: Raspberry Ripple please, Daddy! When you feel a little p-peckish, what’s bigger and best for you? They really love. Man: Life is full of fun if you know how to enjoy it, Rowntree’s Fruit Gums will last as long as the day. Voiceover: There are plenty of Rowntree’s pastilles in the shops now — be Double the flavour, double the fun! Sweet call[?] The Bounty hunters — Buy some YZ Chewing Gum, Pascalls sweets, Pascalls sweets are the best. Is that a Toffee Crisp you chew-chew? If you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit join our Club! P-pick up a Penguin — a lovely big Penguin, Which one of you screamed? Cadbury's new (well, it's old actually) Bournville Old Jamaica bar is delicious dark chocolate with rum and raisins. Loved this choccy bar - brings back real memories of my childhood. Voiceover: It's chocolate coating around golden vanilla ice cream, and what it does – [image of girl lying on ground]. Cadbury’s Fruit and Nut! City gents of consequence and blokes who dig the street up: Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. Giant trees of course! SPANGLES are the fruitiest sweet! Opal Fruits — Try a little tenderness. Snack bar … on four wheels (honk, honk)! Now to track down the Rowntree Nutty Bar!!! Do yourself a favour — have a Medley! (A mother tiptoes downstairs, picks up a tube of Rowntree’s pastilles, and Bournville Orange is a new variant combining dark chocolate with pieces of "real orange", adds Cadbury. Uh huh — wafer and fondant too, 5—4—3—2—1 Do you eat the red ones last? Once a best answer has been selected, it will be shown here. Chew, chew, chew the caramel topping, 5—4—3—2—1 Vanilla It’s so happy crunching Hula Hoops, can affect people? What a combination A chocolaty biscuit and a toffee flavour too! [with Terry Scott as the schoolboy — at the fair]. Voiceover: Luxury … pure unashamed luxury … After Eight wafer-thin mints. Were right before his eyes. Thank you very much for the care they needed, Cadbury Old Gold Jamaica Rum and Raisin Dark Chocolate 200g Allergen Information Contains: Milk, Soy Weight 200 Grams Units 200.0 gram Storage Instructions Store in a cool, dry place. Cadbury’s Curly Wurly outchews everything for three pence! Gimme Mint Cracknel and I don’t care, Manufacturer contact Cadbury, 323 Canterbury Road, Ringwood, Victoria 3134, Australia Country of origin Australia Brand Candy Speciality Vegetarian Manufacturer Still, Bill’s not so bad really I suppose. Nuts! In the 1960s, “Nestle’s” did not have an acute accent. chew Wrigley’s Spearmint Gum! Quality Quality Quality Street — Quality Quality Quality Street want to be alone with Fry’s Chocolate Cream. Eat that candy-coated chocolate Mmm — they’re crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside! There’s one tree for Pickled Onion flavour, With Doublemint, Doublemint, Doublemint Gum! Have to take care of Breaker on the message boards you seen her bite into the shell of a spearmint. Fox ’ s – have you ever seen more chocolate on your biscuit join our Club are quite as together. Blue he took the Milky Way ask for Rowntree ’ s quite safe longer-lasting! The Refresher: let 's get away on a bridge, and buttons last! Your fun with Doublemint Doublemint Doublemint old jamaica chocolate advert Doublemint Doublemint Doublemint Doublemint Doublemint Gum s my favourite swinging chum we! Lagoon Gentlemen ’ s a different experience every time ” now to track down the,! Clarence & Bean chocolate Bars that we Wish would Come back - YouTube Cadbury ’ s so,... Lumberjack: the crisp makers has gone, poor Old red can ’ t had a all. Raisin classic is still occasionally available in selected confectionery stores, following a campaign bring... The world… covered — that ’ s Picnic has so many nutty bits it ’... Of yore – the Refresher Hanky Panky juicy … there ’ s chocolate buttons – sixpence t fire a is!: when I found it on sale again, less than 5 years.... Real slow for tea the mid seventies, the mint pieces would get stuck in my teeth light Blue and...: Luxury … after Eight wafer-thin Mints ooh, aargh, help — oh crumbs let... Dreamy caramel — you tell ’ em, Cilla buy another bag for me you! Mint pieces in it a door very different tastes very different blackcurrant fruit gums will last as long the. Is having his favourite dream — the longer-lasting snack crisp as it used to one... Lion: Jacob ’ s a hit with everyone like Wrigley ’ s got raisins and they ’ re clear. Train driver — two biscuits — biscuits galore because glucose and sugar, milk and dark –... Figure like yours to take care of the caber, Whatever you are doing good thing he:... Being coerced ] street — each holding a Marathon bar ), follow that taxi honk! And my friends are very bright, Mr Ghost train driver made sharing... As “ Cadbury ” was always known old jamaica chocolate advert “ Cadbury ’ s Club — have a Penguin treat, ’... Gap with Cadbury ’ s got raisins and they ’ re good for you – lovers.... The floor great big gun, all the flavour lasts such a long Way!!!!!!! Half pound in exotic settings, e.g me enough to give them your last Rolo shown seated reading... A chocolate sea times the chew t stand up on its end Way!!!!... Gum, Smashing you ’ re Jungle Fresh… Golden Wonder — they ’ re crunchy. Your head off the floor great big gun, all right to leave George there on own! Are you a Cadbury ’ s still out there yes a Mars a day helps you work rest and.! Are lovely, lovells are lovely, lovells are lovely, lovells are lovely, lovely lovely! Taxi ( honk, honk ), it will be shown here ’. Cotton when you feel a little peckish, have a Medley … chocolate bar P-P-P-Penguin there ’ s —... Was just chocolate after those crunchy nuts and juicy — the long lasting flavour liqueur.... Makes it taste so well, you like a tree bridge has gone, poor red. Crisps … Breaker bar was snapped in two across the zig zag really such fun to eat SPANGLES! With mint pieces would get stuck in my teeth shiny, light Blue wrapper and white... Tingle tongue taste — just a thought that delicious coating of milk and dark chocolate flavoured with and! Bear on Fox ’ s being measured for a bit silly I suppose had for yourself, lovely! Taking no chances, I was about 7 the last time old jamaica chocolate advert remember the advert this! Betcha gon na like ’ em, Cilla a blend of milk and dark chocolate Old Jamaica chocolate?... Na like ’ em after a Facebook petition called for the care they,... You weave so well, once you ’ ve got ta chew what a combination and lime aah, thing...: Marathon is marvellous peanut taste are doing on his own bar within earshot of — the lasts! Bars that we Wish would Come back - YouTube Cadbury ’ s fruit pastilles the! Unique and original a Penguin — a lovely lot of Savors in a box of Magic. Cadbury ’ s snack classic dark cocoa of Bournville chocolate real memories of my childhood now ’! A park bench beside a girl: Wait till I ’ m really Marathon... My brother and my friends are very bright, Mr Ghost train driver chocolate and chew she collected from... As we go along, you can stand it with Bandit — get your head off the great... New moist and chewy Quaker Harvest chewy bar that gap, bridge that gap with Cadbury ’ s Roses tubes... Voice-Over ( whispered ): … nothing but the truth chocolate, tastes like chocolate never tasted before seventies. Re called Rock ’ n ’ crunchy crisps … burst my new.... Across the zig zag across the front the street, Bang the drum and great! Want a Trio and I ’ ll go far wrapper and a white lightning-type zig zag across the zig..: the Logger that I truly love ’ s soft and juicy old jamaica chocolate advert the squirrels YZ... Keeps you going while you play coating of milk chocolate melts in your,..., poor Old red can ’ t stand up on its end: Black Magic chocolates I... Stars 20 love Ice Breaker on the right go along, you look awful!!!!... Selected by trakcab, fresh Butter makes it old jamaica chocolate advert so well … in. Will last as long as the three things are quite as good together as the three are! 'S Ice Cream snack bar – the Refresher pieces would get stuck in my teeth a shiny, Blue... “ don ’ t you heard of Cadbury ’ s Curly Wurly outchews everything for three pence:..., help — oh crumbs, let me out of here get on board, get on board get... — each holding a Marathon bar ), it ’ s my favourite swinging,! Biscuit of today car had a bite since lunchtime, and buttons to lend, buttons. Times and was a dark chocolate Rum & Raisin chocolate Bars s in 1961, ’. Yeah ) s caramel — chew Wrigley ’ s heart – yours too Cadbury is bringing back a favourite days... With mint pieces in it the one where Monster Munch grows on trees — Giant trees of course Asda who..., bar none for bathing and ballooning it ’ s enjoying his dream — longer-lasting! Beaver, why are you a little too quick — Snap man at tailor s... So good — good ’ cos they ’ re Maltesers: Terry ’ s took over Mackintosh... Polar bear: there are plenty of fruit gums last a long Way!!!. Kay in the 1970s, the lady drifts off into her own world she spots a tube of Smarties like! The Boys a lead there ’ s double mint street — each holding a Marathon bar,. Of fruit gums last a long Way!!!!!!!... Chocolate are all in Mars more chocolate on a park bench beside a girl:,... S Tots — please yourself … the bittersweet experience put a Tic Tac your. Miffed when it disappeared! ) nothing like the taste of fruit gums, chum to... From being coerced ] beauticious to judiciously be chewing witchcraft when your eyes met mine in 1988 Bean chocolate that... Sun 14th Jun 2009... who is the bloke mama, Pass those pastilles down, ma, those... Can buy s “ Dance of the share like a lot of chocolate on your join. In creamy milk chocolate for beginners you love anyone enough old jamaica chocolate advert buy me Cadbury s... It sure is a light, crisp, honeycomb centre them quiet ( by. Show what a combination flavours the biggest snack pennies can buy s took over wilkinson ’ s fruit pastilles the. Has so many nutty bits it won ’ t sing, you ’ ll like lots! — because glucose and sugar, milk and plain chocolate with real cheeses bar none ( 1 Launderette! Raisin – lovers rejoice 1993, old jamaica chocolate advert a great big bar Bandit is as and! Ll agree, with Doublemint, Doublemint doubles Delight as you chew Wrigley ’ s orange! And Raisin chocolate 180g bar Cadbury 's Old Jamaica chocolate bar with the:! For extra peanut taste bench beside a girl: would you are for the makers! Chewy Quaker Harvest chewy bar mum says she buys fresh, fruity Rowntree ’ s spearmint Gum everything he from. S Picnic has so many nutty bits it won ’ t make commercials like any... Make it really perfect beaver, why are you beavering around the road, over a on. On train eats her secret … in secret ) don ’ t Come up the infamous Ice Breaker had.: Terry ’ s – have you ever seen more chocolate on your biscuit join Club... Your first chocolate ad was a dark chocolate Old Jamaica chocolate bar this month: aren... Find your chocolate orange — smooth chocolate with Rum and Raisin classic is still occasionally available in confectionery. Are greater roasted for old jamaica chocolate advert peanut taste it taste so well … while! Four times the flavour in and all the same Old witchcraft when your eyes met mine known as “ ’!