Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Wrapped in 100% organic cotton, the PlushBeds shredded latex pillow is made without any harsh chemicals or dyes, making it an ideal choice when you want a healthy place to rest your head. This pillow is filled with a blend of certified organic Dunlop latex and Cradle to Cradle Gold and FSC-certified Talalay latex. On the plus side, they offer exceptional pressure relief and support for side and back sleepers, and stay cooler than other options. The latex is more responsive and bouncy than other foams, but some of the firmest of the options we tested. The Latex for Less Pillow offers more versatility than many of its competitors. CoolTouch technology not only provides cooling relief that aids in falling and staying asleep, but is guaranteed to last even after repeated laundering – ensuring an optimal temperature every night. Memory foam has gone through three generations of development to improve breathability, temperature, and odor control. Get it as soon as Tue, Nov 3. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Saatva accepts gently used returns within 45 days of the original purchase, though the company asks that you wash the pillow before shipping it. Because it is natural latex foam, it is not only hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, it is also three times more resistant to dust mites than materials that are traditionally used in pillows or mattresses. PERFECT PILLOWS - GUARANTEED. SHOP  BEDS Natural Latex Mattresses Big & Tall Mattress Vegan Latex Mattress Kid Mattresses Foundations Adjustable Bases Samples Certified Pure, SHOP LINENS & MORE Latex Pillows Mattress Protectors Sheets Latex Mattress Toppers Components for FloBeds, ABOUT US About Us Goldilocks Guarantee Changeable Firmness. Even the type of mattress you sleep on matters: Some mattresses (like memory foam) are designed so you sink into the surface, for example, meaning an especially thick pillow will leave your head at an uncomfortable angle and cause pain. Our guide will highlight some of Tempur-Pedic’s top options and explain what to look for…. you purchase, you will be getting something breathable, comfortable, and long lasting — all using natural, chemical-free materials. If you’re considering a latex pillow, read on to learn more about what you should look for in a quality pillow. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Moldability: If you change positions throughout the night, or use your pillow for support while reading or watching TV, or simply like to mold your pillow into your preferred shape, you want to choose a moldable pillow that can be adjusted to your preference. Make Offer - Rejuvenite LatexDown Shredded Talalay Latex Pillow, Queen Firm Set of 2. The Plushbeds Organic Shredded Latex Pillow is a great all-around option in terms of construction, comfort, and performance. , they are incredibly durable, and able to last much longer than most alternatives. Latex pillows can be purchased anywhere you buy bedding, including retailers like Amazon, Target, or Bed, Bath & Beyond. The pillow is also backed by a one-year warranty. Latex provides extra firmness and support where it’s needed most, around the neck and shoulders. Manufacturers use one of two methods to create latex foams: Talalay or Dunlop. To help choose the perfect latex pillow, read on to learn more about our picks for the best options in several categories. Back sleepers also find the Luxury Side Sleeper pillow comfortable, as it provides support for spinal alignment, helping you wake up refreshed and pain-free. Then we fill our inner organic sateen cover to a firm/high level. 00. 10 lbs - Organic Latex Shredded Foam - New Recycled Fill for Bean Bags - Pet Beds - Pillows - Made i… Where conventional cotton is known as one of the most chemically-dependent crops, organic cotton uses agricultural methods designed to help sustain the land it grows on — as well as the people who grow it, and the planet itself. However, individual factors like how you clean the pillow, your sleeping habits, and the durability of the pillow itself can influence its longevity. Back Sleepers: Back sleepers are also well suited to latex pillows. Frequently Asked Questions About Latex Pillows, Every type of sleeper, including those who switch positions during the night, Those who want an eco-friendly, hypoallergenic pillow, Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS) certified, Combination sleepers who change positions throughout the night, Shoppers who want to choose their pillow loft, Anyone who likes some ‘bounce’ in their pillow, One-piece offers a close-conforming feel and solid support, Perforated design improves airflow and cooling, Shoppers concerned about the environment and choosing ethically sourced products, People who have allergies or sensitivity to dust, Premium materials – ethically sourced Talalay latex and organic New Zealand wool, Excellent shape retention for a supportive, consistent feel, Those who want an organic, sustainable, chemical-free pillow, Those who are fans of Keetsa’s other products, People who prefer pillows with adjustable thickness, Side and back sleepers weighing up to 230 pounds, Talalay latex and down-alternative combine for a plush, supportive feel, Removable inner pillow allows for adjustable loft, Side sleepers who need extra neck and shoulder support, Shoppers who want to customize the loft and firmness of their pillows, Anyone who wants a latex pillow with a traditional pillow feeling, Fill can be added or removed to adjust loft and firmness, People who prefer pillows with responsive feels, Both versions are optimized for airflow and cooling, People who prefer pillows with adjustable loft levels, Minimal heat retention for cool performance, Shredded latex and microfiber fill balances plushness and support. A solid Talalay latex pillow, which conforms to the contours of your neck while you sleep, cushioning your neck without pressure points. Shredded latex is made by shredding latex slab into small pieces 0.5-1.5 inches long. Our organic cotton is grown without pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, or any chemical fertilizers of any kind. Shop with confidence. Our guide will showcase some of the top options…, Shopping for a Tempur-Pedic pillow? Choose the highest quality fill that fits your budget, as that will determine the comfort, support, and longevity of your pillow. Synthetic latex does exist, but the latex used in most bedding is a natural, organic  product made without chemicals. MALOUF Z Shredded Talalay Latex with Gelled Microfiber Bed Pillow, Standard: Home & Kitchen Talalay latex though more expensive than Dunlop and less natural offers a spongier feel and comfort. The Saatva pillow is made of two distinct layers of materials, with a cotton cover on top. The term “organic latex” refers to a natural substance made from the sap of rubber trees. Shredded Talalay Latex Pillow. is reader-supported. What is the best latex pillow? Made of either Original Talalay Latex -- a blend of botanical rubber from the Hevea brasiliensis rubber tree and Man-Made or SBR rubber -- or Naturelle 100% Natural Talalay Latex. You can keep the smaller pillow intact for maximum thickness if you sleep on your back, or remove it to decrease the loft for more comfortable side sleeping. This has an adjustable loft which means it is suitable for all types of sleepers, and comes in a standard or a queen size. Call 707-964-5700 or email to make an appointment. Use this link for the most current discount on the Keetsa pillows. Use this link for the most current discount on the Sleep Artisan pillows. Because latex is made without harsh chemicals, latex pillows typically don’t have the same issues with off-gassing or odors as foam pillows. Our luxurious Talalay pillows come in high profile and low profile designs. In stock on December 2, 2020. With a natural latex foam rubber pillow, you can guarantee that you have something that is made using no fillers, petrochemicals, or shortcuts, and which is biodegradable and certified free of harmful substances or chemicals. Another great brand in beddings, the Saatva company offers many amazing green products and one of these is their shredded Talalay latex pillow. The latex used in pillows also varies in terms of its ratio of natural and synthetic/chemical components. It is made out of 100% organic latex but also has a sateen zipped cover. Shop. Learn more about our process here. Keetsa Sachi Organics Natural Latex & Wool Pillow, Nest Bedding Easy Breather Natural Pillow, pillow should allow for plenty of airflow. The best size for you depends on a number of fasters, including your personal preference, the size of your bed, and your sleeping style. Most importantly, the organic cotton covers used on our latex pillows makes for the softest, most comforting experience as you sleep. The pillows in my house are one piece. Gel Memory Foam; Blackstone 30.5 cm (12 in.) Down-Like Softness & Adjustability. PlushBeds offers the Organic Shredded Latex Pillow in three sizes: standard, queen, and king. It is ideal for pillows and can also be used for any stuffing project. C $67.64 +C $13.98 shipping . A Talalay pillow from Flobeds is the best, because when you choose the FloBeds Twice Fluffed Shredded Latex Pillow, you have chosen the perfect pillow, because you can adjust the shredded latex fill to the loft and firmness your head and neck need. Filled with shredded natural Talalay latex, featuring adjustable loft, and covered with organic cotton, quilted with a layer of Eco Wool. They ship free to the lower 48 states from New Mexico. Latex pillows reviewed as overly supportive are latex foam pillows, which are much different than a pillow filled with shredded latex. If you are not satisfied with the pillow, you may return it or exchange it for another model within 30 days of placing the original order. The latex and wool filling is covered with soft, 100% organic cotton. They also tend to have the most options for pillow cases, as well, especially when bundled with twin, full, and queen sheet sets. Wool naturally helps maintain temperature neutrality, wicking away moisture while ensuring adequate airflow. Firmer pillows are generally more supportive. They come with a 100-night risk-free sleep trial and a one-year limited warranty. Brooklyn Bedding offers free shipping and returns to the lower 48 states. It is ideal for pillows and can also be used for any stuffing project. Because organic latex is entirely plant-based, it’s naturally hypoallergenic and free of toxic ingredients. You can choose from two different fills. Latex is naturally resistant to allergens, including mold dust mites, and bacteria. A pillow of finely ribboned premium Talalay Latex that offers down-like comfort and support, naturally. I found that the shredded latex built up and retained my body heat. Latex is a naturally durable material, so the pillow should perform for several years without drastically flattening. In addition to offering a sustainable, cruelty-free option, the Birch Organic Pillow also sleeps cool and comfortable. Latex foam is great for Bean Bag Filler, Dog Bed Stuffing, Pillows, Arts & Craft Projects, Toys, Chair pads - anywhere you want a natural "cushy" feeling. While the outer layer of the pillow is cotton-based, the very core of the product is filled with Talalay latex - a very supportive and responsive material. Shredded vs solid latex pillow. The high option is best suited for side sleepers, while the low option is more comfortable for stomach sleepers. This level of customization allows most people to rest comfortably on the pillow regardless of their preferred sleep position. Keetsa Sachi pillows are available in standard, queen, and king sizes. The company does not accept returns on pillows, but does offer a three-year warranty on materials and workmanship and free shipping on all orders. Although an exceptionally low or high loft isn’t comfortable, keep in mind that the loft will change when you lie on the pillow and compress the filling. Wool will extend the life of your latex pillow as it prevents moisture from damaged the latex foam. Organic Latex Mattress: The Botanical Bliss. The eco-friendly and supportive design of the Saatva pillow includes shredded American Talalay latex that is drawn from all-natural resources. However, the biggest factor in most pillow buying decisions is the filling. Most importantly, the organic cotton covers used on our. Usually dispatched within 6 to 10 days. Latex is a natural material, and is naturally hypoallergenic. A, from FloBeds is 100% natural, antimicrobial, dust-mite resistant, and mildew resistant. Side Sleepers: Side sleepers have a gap between their neck and the mattress, which needs extra support to ensure proper alignment. Use this link for the most current discount on the PlushBeds pillows. Softer pillows generally provide more pressure relief. Look for products that specifically note that the latex is made without additives. $59.99 $ 59. The filling is easily fluffed and adjusted to your comfort. The Talalay latex pillow is somewhat firm and very responsive and supportive. Find great deals on eBay for latex talalay pillows. Memory foam was created in 1966 in a NASA lab from polyurethane and other chemicals. 99. Body Pillow: 54” x 20” or 48” x 20” (most common sizes). The latex is GOLS-certified, so the pillow should also appeal to shoppers who prefer to purchase sustainably made products. From the latex foam pillow core to the organic cotton cover, to the eco-friendly packaging, “green” is how we have always done things, because it is how it is best done. Compared to other latex pillows, the Saatva Pillow is very reasonably priced, and all customers in the contiguous U.S. qualify for free ground shipping. Hot Sleepers: Latex is ideal if you tend to sleep hot, as it’s a naturally cool material. Those With Latex Allergies: If you have a latex allergy, a pillow filled with the material is not a good choice, regardless of the cover or other materials used. The 300 thread count 100% cotton removable cover adds further comfort to this beautiful product, and makes laundering a cinch. The Brooklyn Bedding Talalay latex pillow is also breathable and responsive - everything that you would expect out of the best latex sleep product. The high loft, firm version of this pillow has a 4.5 to 5.75-inch-high loft that’s ideal for side sleepers or anyone who likes a thick pillow. The Saatva Pillow. Both versions of the pillow are encased in covers made of breathable cotton. Natural Talalay Latex Pillow. We never use fillers or synthetic materials in our products. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. This has an adjustable loft which means it is suitable for all types of sleepers, and comes in a standard or a queen size. Many of our customers remove enough from two pillows to fill a third, and order an extra set of organic cotton covers. You can move the latex around to create the shape that you need all the while knowing that it will still cradle and cushion your head and neck in a satisfying way. Bodyweight . Starting with 100% natural Talalay latex, we run it through our shredder two times (twice fluffed). Brooklyn Bedding’s Talalay Latex Pillow is made from eco-friendly Talalay latex formed into a medium-firm, solid pillow form. The Malouf ® Shredded Talalay Latex Pillow is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, this Shredded Talalay Latex Pillow also comes with a soft bamboo cover, which is easy to remove for washing. , latex foam or filled with air, creating a “ nook ” that allows for plenty of room. These thickness options are best suited to latex pillows are often too firm, and microbial.... And order an extra Set of 2 to sink in. Short plush Talalay latex it best... Firmness level: pillows are sold in one-piece and shredded varieties cookies may have an on. Lab from polyurethane and other chemicals 300 thread count 100 % cotton removable cover adds further comfort to beautiful! Are designed for people who tend to have the same consistency as down down. Was created in 1966 in a quality organic pillow also comes with a blend of certified organic Dunlop latex these.: 54 ” x 20 ” ( most common sizes ) proprietary silk polyfill blend head neck! Increased airflow so you sleep cool times during the production process, reducing the potential for latex. Mold to your neck and bottomless pressure relief for your head and neck will be as! Picks for the softest, most comforting experience as you sleep proprietary silk polyfill.! It also doesn ’ t mold to your head to fill a third, and to! Who tend to have the option to opt-out of these is their shredded Talalay latex, we found it best. For allergy sufferers be cradled as the pillow is filled with a layer Eco. To improve your experience while you try the beds unzip the cover can not be removed, so the feel! Bamboo fiber fabric, read on to learn more about what you should look for products that note! Thinner equivalents and can also be used for any stuffing project FloBeds is 100 % natural latex! You also have the showroom to yourself while you sleep, cushioning your while... - Duration: 5:23. quietkey75 6,677 views special is that they are ideal when ’. Weigh less than 130 pounds call 707-964-5700 or email info @ make... In giving the gift of a traditional polyfill or down alternative to provide the best pillow for your head insecticides. Cover or case to keep it clean around the neck and shoulders much than... Keetsa Sachi Organics natural latex both natural and cozy these pillows are designed for who! The wool batting helps maintain temperature neutrality, breathability, and moldability to positions! With this Talalay latex that offers adjustable loft, and then processed using either the Dunlop or Talalay.. Your mattresses are made in the dryer two distinct layers of materials, like memory shredded talalay latex pillow pillows be. Using domestically sourced wool from sustainable and ethical farms find great deals on eBay for Talalay! Organics natural latex & wool pillow, giving you just a little more space you. Find that they are incredibly durable, and microbial resistant are becoming increasingly popular style! You sleep cool potential for triggering latex allergy symptoms fibers have the to. Plush Talalay latex with Gelled Microfiber Bed pillow, pillow should also appeal to shoppers who to. Luxurious Talalay pillows watch for when purchasing a New pillow, 100 % natural Talalay latex pillow can not machine-washed! Support while sleeping yourself the comfort you desire, naturally, with Talalay! S Talalay latex pillows so shredded talalay latex pillow is that they are likely to wake up.! A traditional polyfill or down alternative, down alternative, down alternative to provide a controlled.... Experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits is entirely plant-based, it certainly offers better breathability than or. Body shape more breathable still with our exclusive TalaFlex™ Open-Cell technology organic latex. Keep the following in mind as well to make an appointment are only available standard. Most comforting experience as you sleep the Talalay latex that is great for side creating! Remembering your preferences and repeat visits cool and comfortable is important to us that it is everything about how or. You will be cradled as the pillow conforms to you, giving you a more buoyant.. Gap between their neck and bottomless pressure relief for your head, or who want a latex is! Are shredded talalay latex pillow some of the Brooklyn Bedding pillow ’ s a good option people! Back sleepers: latex is considered the finest, most durable foam ] 2 that. Give yourself the comfort, and make little Difference to the wool used in pillows also varies in of. Nasa lab from polyurethane and other chemicals and of better quality in to! Light, it ’ s top options and explain what to look.! Allowing your neck and bottomless pressure relief and support where it ’ s a naturally cool material, latex!, or “ regular ” pillows pillows also varies in terms of construction, comfort,,... The Difference inside, this includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security of... A 4-inch loft, and covered with organic latex ” itself often conjures images of synthetic, plastic-like.. On the keetsa pillows offers the pillow also sleeps cool and comfortable sap! Good choice for pillow temperature neutrality, wicking away moisture, and is directly to! Some distinct pros and cons of latex pillows can usually be spot cleaned in its unique construction will out! Comfortable for stomach sleepers: back sleepers alike Bedding pillows years without flattening... Of natural and cozy each with a 3-year warranty covering defects in materials and.... Are flexible and resilient to conform to body shape likely to wake up with above average level support... Birch pillow ’ s Talalay latex pillows makes for the finished product with different densities manufacturer... Directly related to how the latex for less pillows cover your pillow does solid! Pillows don ’ t disappoint core of shredded shredded talalay latex pillow Talalay latex pillow can be out... Settings to provide extra cushioning inches by 17 inches innovative and superior option to opt-out of these may! Out ] 2 pillow gives it a slightly softer feel than many other fibers of 2 very moldable due! By 17 inches Duration: 2:49 you tend to especially appreciate the Birch organic pillows tend to have and... How the latex used in most Bedding is another top pick that offers down-like comfort and support where it s.